Mehrab Tasfieh Co.

Mehrab Tasfieh (Private Held Co)
A Refining Company

Executor and investor of water and sanitation projects

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Finance Network

Financing of the distribution network unit, collection network, pumping unit of water and wastewater pumps.

What We Do

Our Services (Field Of Activity)

Equipment Sales

Cooperation for supply and sale of water and wastewater treatment equipment from European companies (such as INVENT, AERZEN, EKOTON, MAHR MASCHINENBAU, I.G.JOIN)​​​​​​​

Design Refinery 

Design, supply and construction (EPC) of water and wastewater treatment plants

(Financing (Investment

Financing Water and Wastewater Treatment Plans (BOT), (BOO) and Mutual

Last Project: Malard

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- Orumieh Office
- Eurpen Companies

Mehrab Tasfieh

Mehrab Tasfieh is proud to work with the most reputable domestic and international organizations and companies. Financing (investment), design, construction and operation of water and wastewater (BOT), (BOO) and reciprocal methods, as well as design and construction (EPC) of water and wastewater treatment plants

​ No.15, North Sindokht St., West Fatemi St., Tehran

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