Malard Wastewater Treatment Plant


Project: Malard Wastewater Treatment Plant

Employer: West Tehran Province Water & Wastewater

Consultant: Pars Ab Tadbir

Volume: 13,140,000 m3 per year

Start Date: 2016

Contract period: 3 years for construction,
​​​​​​​ 20 years for commercial operation​​​​​​​

Status: In Operation

Equipment: All required equipment has been imported,
​​​​​​​ installed, trained and operated by Mehrab Tasfieh.

The project of Mallard city wastewater treatment plant has been started since 2016 in three modules. The first module, with 100% progress, has a capacity of 35,000 cubic meters per day of effluent and will cover 235,000 people.

The method of this treatment plant is SBR, which is one of the new methods of high-efficiency wastewater treatment. The project has B.O.T contract which is between the Water and Sewerage Company and Mehrab Tasfieh Company, which is the investor of the construction company and will hand it over to ABFA after 20 years of commercial operation.

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